Personal Fitness Training

  • The very best in physical fitness training!
  •  Enjoy all of the benefits of Elite Black Belt conditioning without getting hit!
  • Boxing and Kicking drills on the heavy bag
  • Strength & Conditioning - Weight Loss & Muscle Gains using free weights
  •  Stress Management 
  • Self Defense techniques also included!   
  • We cater to the individuals ability and fitness goals. Get in the best shape of your life!


Basic training teaches fundamentals; elite training promotes expertise. Large classes appear to keep costs down, but take twice as long (anywhere from 4 to 6 years) and the attrition is huge! At Combat Fitness USA, we train to achieve an elite combat black belt in 2 years in a highly personalized setting. We aim to cross the finish line with each and every student!


  • Please call or e-mail for your complimentary PRIVATE 1-hour training session
  • This 1-hour FREE session gives you the opportunity to view us as a professional martial arts school, learn what we teach and how we would be instructing you as a potential student.
  • ​As the instructor, this consultation allows me to evaluate your martial arts goals and, most importantly, ensure Combat Fitness USA is the right fit for you!

Mixed Martial Arts Karate Muay-thai Bjj Private instruction Black Belt In Mckinney

​Combat Fitness USA

Mentally Strong & Physically Fit

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Q. My schedule is difficult at times, when can I train?

  • AT CFUSA we cater to YOUR schedule! We will make it work!

ELITE BLACK BELT CERTIFICATION *Private/Semi Private Instruction **Two 1-hour Lessons Weekly

Our realistic techniques and progressive approach for stand-up and ground self-defense are unmatched. We tech you to establish optimal positioning against an aggressor to maximize control. Our first choose, whenever possible, is to force the aggressor into submission! Our strategic workout programs are tailored to individual ability and personal goals.


Learn open-hand self-defense and offense from shoulder grabs, wrist grabs, pushing, choke holds and defense against multiple attackers. Overwhelm your attackers without hesitation.


Learn offensive striking techniques. We use the 'Science of 8': striking with hands, elbows, knees and shins. Its effectiveness is undisputed.


Learn submission choke holds and applying joint locks. Bjj allows you to submit a much larger and heavier aggressor. Proper technique allows you to defend yourself successfully, sometimes even without throwing a punch. 


Train to learn the proper techniques in both self-defense & offense with Stick, Knife and Pistol defense.


  • 24   1-hour PRIVATE LESSONS
  • 12   1-hour PRIVATE LESSONS
  • 8     1-hour PRIVATE LESSONS
  • 4     1-hour PRIVATE LESSONS
  • 1     1-hour PRIVATE LESSON

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