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Combat Black Belt Private instruction with a highly focused and effective curriculum that best utilizes the time and effort put forth by students and clients and yields maximum reward. A realistic and progressive combination of Karate, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Hand-to-Hand Combat-open hand, knife, baton and pistol defense.

Fitness only clients work with free weight and resistance training! Utilizing the best Combat Fitness USA strength and conditioning black belt workouts along with Boxing & Kicking drills. 

Q. My schedule is difficult at times. What time can I train?

   At Combat Fitness USA we cater to your schedule! The Black Belt sessions are 1-hour and we meet 2-days each week. *Fitness only (no black belt training) sessions are 1-hour meeting, 3-days weekly or more depending on the individual goals. 

Q. At what age do you start training?

   We start individuals training as young as 8 years old, with our most senior student training at age 65! Every client has certain restrictions and Combat Fitness USA prides itself on working with the individual, at your comfort /ability level.

Q. Is it a good idea to lose weight first, before I start?

   It is urgent that students /clients start Black Belt or Fitness training while your interest is peeked! STOP telling yourself that you need to wait or don't have time... The time is NOW! You will be in the best mental and physical shape of your life!

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