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Q. What age do we recommend training?

  • It makes sense before a vacation or school trip to review the course
  • We recommend 12 years old and above 
  • The time together isn't just educational, it's fun for the whole family that gives you peace of mind    


Learn Progressive & Realistic Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills

 ​Master Padilla has over 35 years of martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, stick, knife and pistol experience! The second half of this amazing certification is dedicated to leaning mindset, skills and attitude of physical confrontation and self defense. Learn to establish a survival mindset and have the techniques to back it up! 

Team Certification

  • We cater to the Individual and up to groups of 24 
  • Large corporation work together in groups depending on space/room and number of employees
  • Some companies take several days or even weeks to insure every employee is properly trained and certified 

Executive Travel Defenseis based on years of travel experience and counless dissuasions with other experienced and inexperienced business travelers. We recognized that thousands of companies and schools place the well-being of their organization and employees at risk by not educating them on safe travel. 

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Executive Travel Defense

Executives  -  Families  -  Teens

 We educate clients on the facts, principles, guidelines, and techniques that will build confidence and help ensure personal safety, in-home safety. We also teach the extra step to help ensure in- home safety & security from home invasion are in place. This training program eliminates assumptions and reduces the need for trail by fire. This certification is broken down into classroom and self-defense training. 

​​After completion of this 4 hour certification you will have learned:

  • survival mindset and realistic self defense skills 
  • best practice for in-home safety and security from home invasion
  • ​rewarding team-building experience that shows how much you value their personal safety