An alarming number of businesses are sending representatives traveling locally, domestically and internationally with no best practices in place to protect themselves, belongings or there family. 

‚Äč    This training program is designed to educate you on the facts, principles, guild lines and techniques that will build confidence in travel, help insure personal safety, in-home safety, security from home invasion and may even save a life.

  • Personal Profile
  • Criminal Profile
  • Local and Domestic Travel Safety 
  • International Travel Safety *Travel pg
  • In-Home Safety & Home Invasion Safeguards
  • 4 Rules of Confrontation 
  • Self-Defense Training 

Is your Son or Daughter traveling with school functions, family vacations or college? Give them the education they need too... Call today! 

Q. Is my team of 8 too small for Executive Travel Defense course? 

    No problem, we cater to the individual on up to small groups up to 50 people. Your team will thank you for the extra care you show them with this exciting, empowering and hands-on course! *larger corporations work together in groups depending on space/room and number of employees. Some companies take several days or even weeks to insure everyone is properly trained and certified. 

Q. My Family would really benefit from this type of training,  what age do you recommend?

    Families work really well together and this education could save a life! It makes sense before a vacation or trip to review the course. We recommend no younger than 12 years old (depending on maturity and how often they travel). The time together isn't just educational, it's fun for the whole family that gives you peace of mind.     

Executive Travel Defense

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