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Pistol Instruction

Q. I haven't bought a pistol yet, can I still take the class?

​   YES! We have a verity of both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols to choose from if you haven't purchased a pistol.  *We highly recommend that you bring your personal pistol for training purposes. 

Q. My time is very limited, when is the best time for pistol instruction?

   Most sessions are about 5-hours and available 7-days a week. Class times can start as early as 5am, with the last class starting at 4pm and finishing at 9pm. *You also have the option to break up the class time 2.5-hours one day and then finishing up the other 2.5-hours on a different day of the week.  

Q. How old do you have to be? I would like to have my child take lessons.

17 years of age or younger must be accompanied by either a parent or legal guardian during the actual gun range portion of training. *No ammunition is ever used during the first part of training.

Have you ever picked up a pistol? Time for a refresher course? Our private instruction allows clients to build confidence in safe pistol handling. Learn techniques, knowledge and safety of pistol handling at your comfort level in a private setting, before going to the gun range. It is our pleasure to educate clients with both revolver and semi-automatic pistol.     

  • Always know your target and what is beyond. 
  • Always keep your pistol pointed in a safe direction until ready to pull the trigger.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Always keep your pistol unloaded until ready to use it.
  • Always keep your guns and ammunition locked away safely. 

It's fun, rewarding, and makes a fantastic gift!