Inspiring tens of thousands of people in schools, businesses and corporations around the country!  Master Instructor Salvador Padilla's lifelong passion of "helping people communicate safely" is empowering! Over 35 years of public speaking, martial arts, hand-to-hand combat and expert pistol instruction Mr. Padilla has developed a powerful seminar helping people understand how to

  • be aware
  • stay focused
  • self-control
  • listen... SAFELY! 


This educational team building seminar is hands on training! Getting people involved while working together is our passion. At the conclusion of both large & small seminars we hear people say the same thing consistently...  

  • That was fun!
  • How can I learn more?   

Team Building

Q. My store/business has 125 employees and we are having a 1-hour meeting, is one hour enough time?

That is a perfect amount of time! The seminar lasts about 1-hour *no more than 1.5 and gives perspective on a number of different communication styles.

Q. I am a small business owner with 5 people, is it better to wait until I employee more people?

Regardless of 5 or 500 people, the better we are at listening comfortably, higher level of understanding at interpersonal skills, employees relations, customer service and over all great attitude professionally and personally. When your business partners hear what people are saying, we increase everyones overall understanding of what people want. Team work!


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